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Itchy Skin

Dry Skin or Xerosis

Nobody likes dry skin.  It can even make you itchy.  Dry skin can be caused by taking long hot showers, not moisturizing, medications, sun exposure, and even the aging process can be the culprit.  Sometimes we notice dry skin is worse in the winter time when the heater kicks on.  As we age our skins moisture barrier is broken down or damaged.  The moisturize barrier thins out as we age and can be damaged from UV rays throughout our lives.  Typically, you will notice dry flaky skin that is scaly.  The skin can be dry anywhere you have skin and you may notice certain areas are worse than other.  

Some items are easy to modify to help with dry skin.  Instead of taking hot showers, consider luke-warm; or even consider bathing every other day if you haven’t been sweating and exercising.  Don’t forget to moisturize twice a day.  Try a gentle soap such as Dove Sensitive (white bar) that helps moisturize your skin.  A culprit of dry skin that most don’t realize is because of medications.  Blood pressure medications such as hydrochlorothiazide, cholesterol medications such as simvastatin, and even topical medications like Retin-A can dry your skin out.  

If you have dry skin one of the best ways to combat it is to moisturize it…twice a day!  Try finding a moisturizer that is fragrance free and contains ceramides.  Ceramides can help replenish your moisture barrier on your skin, which in turn helps lock in the moisture.  

If turning down the hot water in the shower and moisturizing is not helping fix your dry skin it is time to make an appointment to be seen.  We can help you come up with a skin care routine and make recommendations to solve your dry itchy skin.  

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