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Restylane Silk

Restylane Silk is a new addition to the Restylane portfolio in the United States. This filler is FDA approved for treatment of those dreaded lip lines and volume loss in the lip itself. This filler uses their proprietary NASHA gel. NASHA stands for “Non Animal derived Synthetic Hyaluronic Acid”.   Restylane Silk is very similar to Restylane-L, but it has one very clever innovation. The hyaluronic particles in it are much smaller than the particles in Restylane-L. This allows for a slightly easier tissue interface after the filler is injected. Like Restylane-L, it does have the lidocaine numbing agent placed into the filler itself, allowing for a comfortable injection.


This filler was designed to provide subtle lip augmentation while simultaneously reducing the dreaded lip lines. It is not intended to give extensive volumization to the lip region. Instead, it is designed to maintain the natural anatomy of the lip while simultaneously improving volume. This filler generates a mild degree of water absorption, as well as a very limited lift effect.


We are beyond thrilled with the performance of this filler in our practice. While many women want the Angelina Jolie/Kylie Jenner look, just as many do not. Many women simply want to replace the volume loss that occurs over time, and create a natural but full look to the lip. For women looking to conservatively improve their lip appearance, Restylane Silk is the standard bearer in our opinion. The refined, limited molecular size of Restylane Silk provides a seamless interface between the lip anatomy and the filler gel, providing a true anatomic correction to the lip. Prior to Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra XC Plus was the only consistent choice for lip volumization, and sometimes Juvederm can be too dramatic of a filler when it comes to Mom. Restylane Silk, on the other hand, offers a wonderful solution for men and women seeking a conservative, natural lip augmentation. We are very impressed by this filler, and use it avidly in our practice. As compared to other fillers, it is only being used in lips, as that is directly what it was designed for.

To date, most patients only require one tube, and no patient has required more than 2 tubes of product for lip correction.

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