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Restylane is the original hyaluronic acid filler, and has the distinction of being the most injected dermal filler in history. Since the beginning of dermal filler therapy, more syringes of it have been injected than any other commercially available dermal filler. Restylane-L is the original Restylane, but it has 1% lidocaine numbing solution added to the filler. This provides better pain control during the injection, and as such Restylane-L has essentially replaced Restylane in the United States Market.

Restylane again offers a unique treatment profile that distinguishes it from the other dermal fillers. It is known to elegantly lift tissues after injection, as it has a very high g’prime. Remember, the degree of cohesivity (aka g’prime) that a filler has defines its ability to lift tissue after injection. It also has the second highest g’prime, after Radiesse. Unlike Radiesse, however, it is a hyaluronic acid filler, and as such, does have some degree of hydrophilicity, also known as water absorption. Translated, this means that it offers a unique blend between lifting tissue, and filling tissue. While most fillers will either lift or fill, Restylane offers a unique blend of both tissue lift and fill. Results from it are seen instantaneously, but mature over the course of 48 hours as water is added into the gel from the surrounding tissue. Restylane is a reversible filler, and can be removed through the injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase. While reversal is exceedingly uncommon, many of our patients like to know that their results can be “tweaked” to perfection following injection.

Restylane-L is approved for use throughout the face, but we find it to be most effective in the following scenarios:

  • Erasing or minimizing the line between the lower eyelid and cheek, known as the “tear trough”. Because of its unique combination of lift and limited water absorption, Restylane is the best available dermal filler for treatment of this complex area. For these injections, we commonly will further mix extra 1% lidocaine into the gel prior to injection to minimize any discomfort during the procedure. Results are instantaneous, and typically last nine to fifteen months.
  • Dermal filler for treating mild to moderate nasolabial fold hollowing in patients without significant cheek droop. Direct injection of Restylane-L into patients with mild to moderate hollowing produces natural, elegant results in an instantaneous fashion. Results typically last nine to fifteen months.
  • Nonsurgical evening out of rough bones and cartilage in the nose. For people who have indentions and bumps on the roof of their nose, they can be easily camouflaged with Restylane-L injections. While these injections do not directly address the root problem, it can mask their appearance without the need for invasive surgery. This is a very popular treatment in men, and in patients who have previously undergone rhinoplasty.
  • Commonly used around the eyes to rejuvenate the brow area. Injection of Restylane-L into the lateral brows can have a soft, lifting effect on the brow position, and can brighten and soften almost anyone’s look!!

Restylane-L is an incredibly useful filler, and can be adapted for use in almost any area of the face. However, it does not offer as much lift to the cheek area as other fillers, and as such, we limit usage of it in the malar/cheek area. Beyond that, Restylane can be used in almost any other area safely, with an excellent result profile. Patients will typically receive between 1-4ml per treatment.

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