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Telogen Effluvium

This process causes excess hair shedding to occur and is noticeable in brushes, pillows, and around the shower drain.  The good news is this hair shedding process will not cause you to go bald.  This is typically a temporary shedding process that will reset within 12 months.  During this time you will most likely notice shorter hairs growing along the temple areas and even along the center part line in the scalp.  We usually associate telogen effluvium with a stressful event several months prior to the actual shedding process.  Events such as extreme stress, loss of a loved one, starting or stopping a long term medication, surgery, anesthesia, illness etc.  Usually we are able to identify an event that may have caused this process to start.  Although rare, it is possible to have chronic telogen effluvium where you simply shed more than you did in the past.  There are some underlying disease processes that can be checked by obtaining blood work, but typically these results are normal.  Even if there is an underlying bloodwork abnormality, it is not a guarantee that was the cause of telogen effluvium.  Supplements such as Biotin, Viviscal, and Biosil are all options that can be considered when treating telogen effluvium.  These supplements support the hair growth cycle and help resist further shedding.

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