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About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach
About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach About The Team  Vero Beach

About Us - Dermatology

Welcome to modern dermatology.

We are not a regular dermatology practice. We synergize dermatologic training with Plastic and Reconstructive surgical expertise. We believe that modern medicine is best practiced by a team approach, and the care of your skin, regardless of condition or problem, deserves a continuum of services. Our team offers the entire spectrum of aestheticians, skin care experts, dermatology specialists, dermatology-specific pathologics (dermatopathologists), and plastic surgery specialists, all on site at one location. We emphasize treating patients in a comfortable, non-rushed, and safe environment. We offer the most cutting edge technologies for diagnosis and treatment of your skin. All of our dermatologic providers are cross-trained in Plastic Surgery techniques beyond their dermatologic training.

Our goal is to provide each patient world-class, individualized, cosmetically sensitive care for your skin, and any problems you feel need our attention.

Ocean Drive Dermatology

Meet Nick Woltjen, PA-C

Professional Education & Experience Nick Woltjen enrolled in the Physician Assistant program at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where he earned his second Masters degree in physician assistant studies. It was during this time that Nick developed a deep interest for treating skin cancer and skin disorders. After graduating in the top of his class, Nick Woltjen was offered a position as a Dermatologic Physician Assistant at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

During his tenure at UPMC, Nick functioned independently as a comprehensive provider of dermatologic services. He routinely collaborated with thought leaders in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at UPMC, including Dr. Suzan Obagi. He also actively participated in the training and development of Physician Assistants and Dermatologists training at the University of Pittsburgh.

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Meet Dr. Alan Durkin, MD

Dr. Alan Durkin graduated magna cum laude from University of Miami where he earned a B.S. in Biology. He then earned a M.S. from University of Chicago in Physics and a M.D. from University of South Florida. He is a faculty member and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Florida State University, and Nova Southeastern University. He is currently involved in multiple clinical trials regarding facial and breast aesthetic surgery, and regularly publishes on both topics. Dr. Durkin has published over 25 peer-reviewed publications in medicine and has presented his specialized cosmetic techniques at national and international physician symposiums, including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Dermatological Surgery.

He has earned over 7 awards for most outstanding medical presentations. Dr. Durkin is also the recipient of numerous awards and accolades in medicine including, the Arnold P Gold Award for Humanism in Medicine, Outstanding Resident Surgical Educator for 4 consecutive years, the John E. Turlich Award for Resident Teaching Excellence, and the Patient's Choice Award for 5 consecutive years.

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Ocean Drive Dermatology
Ocean Drive Dermatology

Meet Lauren Taylor

Lauren was born and raised here in Vero Beach, Fl. She is a 5th generation Vero Beachian. She graduated from Vero Beach High School in 2006 and was apart of the Vero Beach Fighting Indians Marching Band and Symphonic band for all four years. An accomplished French Horn and Mellophone player, she lead many leadership roles in the band. Lauren then went on to pursue a degree in Nursing at Tallahassee Community College and with later plans to attend FSU. After her father was involved in an accident at work, she opted to return to Vero Beach to help care for her family.

She then decided it would be best to obtain a license as a Medical Assistant, to get her feet in to door in the medical community, all awhile being able to provide for herself. Her first job out of M.A. school was in Dermatology and she states she “fell in love with Derm after that.” Lauren has always worked in Dermatology as a Medical Assistant. Lauren has a significant familial history of Melanoma and understands how important it is for the community to be aware of their skin.

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She loves to assist in Surgery, Skin checks and various other dermatology procedures. However, her main focus is patient care. She has a huge heart and lends compassion whenever needed. She understands that many people are unaware of the many conditions that can happen with our skin, and will take the time to comfort and educate as best as she can to help her patients understand. She has over 11 years experience in Dermatology. Lauren is in the midst of taking night/online classes to further her degree. Her future plans are to become an RN and then further her education as a Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology.

Personal: Lauren absolutely loves her hometown. Her whole family is here and spends a large amount of time with them at family gatherings, bbqs or family beach days. She lives with her boyfriend of two years and his son whom is almost 10 years old. She loves to cook and bake for her family and loves to introduce her stepson to new music. She has a 16 year old chihuahua dauschaund mix named Bella and her parents have two Labrador retrievers whom she loves. Recently, her and her boyfriend Travis have adopted a three-stripped mud turtle. They found him in their pool skimmer and decided to give the little guy a shot at life. His name is Junior and is a huge joy. Lauren loves to spend her time being with her family, going out for brunch and lounging by the beach or pool, of course with sun protection on!

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Discover Elevated Care at Ocean Drive Dermatology

Say goodbye to the standard nine-minute dermatology appointments and hello to personalized and welcoming care at Ocean Drive Dermatology. With a wide range of services, including advanced injection techniques, laser treatments, and on-site plastic surgery for advanced cases, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care to every patient. Book your appointment today and experience the best of both worlds with our medical-minded approach to aesthetics and partnership with plastic surgeons. Join the ranks of our satisfied patients at Ocean Drive Dermatology in Vero Beach, Florida.

Conveniently located next to the CVS Pharmacy on A1A in Indian River Shores.