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Tinea Versicolor
(pityriasis versicolor)
Ocean Drive Dermatology

What is Tinea Versicolor?

This is a rash that typically occurs during the warmer months of the year and can appear as white, salmon colored, or even light brown patches on the chest, arms, and legs. You may also notice some flakes or scales with the rash, but usually no itching symptoms. And because we live in Florida, I tend to see this rash all year long. I also notice this occurs more in my patients that like to exercise or participate in sports as they tend to sweat more than others.

Why versicolor in the name? This rash can present in several different colors as noted above, such as white, pink, and brown. Just like seborrheic dermatitis, we think this disease process called tinea versicolor is caused by a yeast called Malassezia furfur, among others such as Malassezia globose.

Tinea Versicolor Vero Beach

Tinea Versicolor Treatment Options

Tinea Versicolor treatment typically includes shampoos, use of a body wash, creams, and sometimes even pills to help reduce the amount of yeast on the skin. Some lifestyle modifications include showering immediately after exercising and not wearing tight fitting clothing.

Remember, that once you get tinea versicolor you can always get it again. Treatment may be one and done or treatment may be ongoing sporadically to control the symptoms.

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