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Scar Treatment
in Vero Beach, Florida

Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach
Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach Scar Treatment Vero Beach

All Hands on Deck

Laser Scar Removal at Ocean Drive Dermatology

There are many different types of scars, and within those types of scars, there are many degrees of severity. At Ocean Drive Dermatology in Vero Beach Scar Treatment by a board-certified dermatologist is customized to each patient, their expectations, and the available treatments, of which there are many, the most common and effective of which is fractionated ablative lasers. Fractional lasers can help reduce the thickness of the scar, reduce the redness, and even start to blend the scarred skin together with your normal skin. Over a course of treatments, dramatic results can be achieved. At Ocean Drive Dermatology, we find the best outcomes tend to be with an “all hands on deck” approach. This may include treating with a Fractional Laser and then utilizing Silicone Gel at home between treatments.

Scars do not change overnight, but as the weeks and months go by the improvement is exciting to watch.

Scar Treatment Vero Beach

Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

What is Scar Treatment?

Scar Treatment encompasses a range of options that depend on your scar type, how long you’ve had the scar, whether or not the scar will fade naturally over time, and your overall health. Fractional laser or light therapy, silicone gel or sheet, pressure therapy, polyurethane dressing, Corticosteroid injections, 5-FU or bleomycin injections, Cryosurgery, Scar surgery, and non-prescription treatments are all possible avenues to treat a scar.

Benefits You Can See

What are the benefits of Scar Treatment?

Some of the benefits of scar therapy include:

  • Decreased redness
  • Reduced size or flattened scar or keloid
  • Reduce itching, pain, hardness, and swelling
  • Increased range of motion
  • Prevent a keloid from returning after it’s surgically removed
  • Lower Cost
  • Outpatient procedure

Your Trusted Medical Professional

Your Scar Treatment Consultation at Ocean Drive Dermatology

It is important that you have a board-certified dermatologist examine your scar not only to determine the type of scar and treatment but also because sometimes cancer can present as a scar. Our medical provider will take your health history and examine your scar at your consultation.

They will discuss the best treatment plan for your scar and, if treatment is agreed to, will discuss how to prepare for the treatment.

Multiple Treatment Options

Your Scar Therapy Procedure

Laser Treatment for Scars

When laser scar removal is recommended, your medical professional at Ocean Drive Dermatology will typically start with a Fractional Laser, a quick and easy outpatient procedure. A numbing medication will be to the scar for about 30 minutes prior to the treatment. Laser scar removal causes little to no pain and is done in about 10 minutes. Laser treatment is especially effective on acne scars.

Steroid Injections (Kenalog, Triamcinolone) for Scars

Hypertrophic scars or keloid scars tend to be raised, red or pink, and sometimes tender or itchy to the touch. This type of scar is more commonly associated with patients that have darkly pigmented skin, but any skin type can get a hypertrophic or keloid scar. A steroid injection with Kenalog is quick and easy, requires no numbing medicine prior to the procedure, and results in minimal pain. Typically, when it comes to keloid removal more than one treatment will be required. It is safe to have an injection every four to six weeks but no more than five treatment sessions in total. Potential side effects include dilated blood vessels appearing in the scar, thinning of the skin, as well as an indentation left behind where the scar was treated.

Silicone (gel and sheeting)

A favorite scar treatment approach at Ocean Drive Dermatology for the reduction of red and raised scars is silicone gel. Numerous studies have shown that silicone is safe and effective for scar reduction. Silicone treatment will take a few months, but in the end, it is worth it. Some silicone gels include a built-in sunscreen, a perfect alternative for scars on the scalp, face, or any sun-exposed area. Ocean Drive Dermatology carries Silagen, the only medical-grade silicone product on the market. Sometimes, I recommend silicone sheeting in place or in conjunction with the gel. Silicone sheeting stays on the skin for hours at a time. Over time, your skin will adjust to the sheeting, and it can be worn for upwards of 24 hours a day.

Acne Scars

I have seen many patients over the years that have acne scars. This could be a 21-year-old female in college or even a 55-year-old male that wants to improve the look of his scars years later. My favorite treatment for scars is either Fractional Laser or our Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser. Depending on the extent of the scarring, I will sometimes recommend both types of laser. If your acne is under control or resolved, then laser scar removal is a great option to treat acne scarring. Typically, multiple sessions are needed for the very best results.

Visible Results

Scar Treatment Results

After their scar treatment Vero Beach patients will see visible results, including decreased redness, reduced size, or a flattened scar. A reduction of itching, pain, hardness, and swelling will also occur. For raised and contracture scars, patients should feel a loosening of tight skin and an increased range of motion.

Vero Beach scar treatment model with blonde hair

On the Mend

Scar Therapy Recovery and Aftercare

After laser scar removal, there will be some pinpoint bleeding, which is expected and will typically resolve within 24 hours. Post-care includes the use of Aquaphor or a similar product for about 48-72 hours. Repeat treatments are typically every 4 to 6 weeks.

Scar Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

How much do scar treatments cost?

It depends on the treatment plan. The cost of scar treatment will be explained and reviewed during the consultation. We can keep the cost of laser procedures down because we are treating small areas, which allows for multiple sessions.

Can my scar be completely removed?

Scars can’t be removed, but through various treatments and following short-term and long-term aftercare instructions, the visibility of scars can be significantly reduced.

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