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Message from the Director - Dr. Alan Durkin

During my career, the design and delivery of healthcare has rapidly evolved from a single provider model into a group provider model.  Gone are the days that patients are cared for by a single “doctor”.  Today, in modern healthcare systems, patients are seen, evaluated, and treated by groups of providers.  This innovative “team approach” has a number of advantages.  It allows for multiple specialists to evaluate the same patient, and synergize their training, talents, and insights for optimal patient outcome.  It also allows healthcare providers to rapidly and efficiently onboard new techniques and technologies, as learning these new innovations is done as a team, rather than as an individualized event.  It allows for communication, collaboration, and growth amongst specialties as we treat and elevate our patients.  This new standard is without question here to stay, and as we continue to evolve, the team approach to healthcare will undoubtedly strengthen.

The promise and potential for this healthcare future is incredibly bright, but like many new innovations, there can be issues.  Positive growth rarely occurs in a straight line, and with every advance, there are new issues, new concerns.  From my perspective, the biggest concern with the new model of medicine is the loss of the provider-patient relationship.  As patients are continually treated by groups of providers rather than individuals, it becomes easy for doctors and nurses to hyperfocus on the task at hand, rather than focus on the bigger picture.  Too often, we as medical providers treat a disease process rather than the human with the disease process.

As we continue to increase the complexity of healthcare, it becomes easy to lose the most important concept in healthcare:  the human concept.  Ocean Drive Dermatology was founded in 2019 to combat the loss of humanity in the care of your skin.  We are not here to create an “assembly line” experience.  We are not here to reduce you to your diagnosis, or to treat you within a template.

Instead, we are here to provide you and your family a human experience based upon listening and learning about you, the patient.  Our appointments are a minimum of thirty minutes in length, whether it be for a single spot of concern, or establishment of comprehensive care.  We offer the entire spectrum of modern Dermatology and Plastic Surgery, encompassed in a comfortable, and hopefully pleasant, experience.

Our confidence in our ability to serve lies in our team approach, and in our mindset towards care.  Beyond our training and credentialing, Ocean Drive Dermatology, and Ocean Drive Plastic Surgery pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of Aesthetic Medicine, Plastic Surgery, and Dermatology.  All of our providers not only maintain the highest degrees of educational credentialing, but we also actively patricipate in the national landscape of medical research, especially regarding nonsurgical facial rejuvenation.  Our mindset is always patient-centric, and our expectation is to continue to be the standard bearers and thought leaders in our fields.  Coupled with this is a dedication towards using only the finest, safest, and most reliable technology available.

Lastly, we are dedicated to offering the entire spectrum of services needed for patients.  We do not offer just Botox, or Fillers.  We offer the entire portfolio of both neuromodulators (Botox, Xeomin, Dysport, Daxy), as well as all of the major safe, effective, FDA-approved filler platforms (Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm, Versa, Renuva, Belotero, etc.).   Also, we offer cosmetic laser resurfacing including full field erbium ablative, fractional, broadband light/IPL, and Halo.  For our medical dermatology patients, we offer all of our cancer patients the benefits of MOHS surgery without any of its limitations.  Our on site dermatopathology services ensures that the highest standards for skin cancer care are followed on every case.  For more advanced issues, on site referrals are made to Plastic Surgery the same day.  Further, all patients undergoing cancer resections at Ocean Drive can expect to have the finest possible closure provided BEFORE they leave the office.  Finally, I proudly serves as the Chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery at Cleveland Clinic, and as the Vice Chairman of the Department of Surgery.  We routinely provide advanced resections requiring anesthesia support locally at the Cleveland Clinic.

We are very proud of our facility, and more importantly, of our providers, staff, and patients.  We are eager to meet and serve you.  I personally hope to see you soon.

Alan J. Durkin, M.D.

Medical Director – Ocean Drive Dermatology

Diplomate of the American Board of Surgery

Diplomate of the American Board of Plastic Surgery

Castle Connolly Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery

Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery – Florida State University College of Medicine

Chairman – Division of Plastic Surgery, Cleveland Clinic Indian River Hospital

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