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MicroLaser Peel

MicroLaser Peel or MPL removes or vaporizes a very thin (microns deep) layer of skin to improve texture irregularities and even out the skin tone.  The MicroLaser Peel is intended to only remove skin in the very top layer of skin called the epidermis.  We can tailor the MLP to be a “weekend peel” or something a little more aggressive.  The MLP can be a stand-alone treatment or combined with other treatments such as ProFractional.  As with all laser, the best results come from multiple treatments over the years.

At Ocean Drive Dermatology, we offer the following MicroLaser Peels.

Nano Peel – usually 2-6 microns in depth, which is in the same realm of a microdermabrasion.  Topical numbing medication is provided for your comfort, although usually not needed.

Arctic Peel – usually 8-10 microns in depth, which is equal to an aggressive microdermabrasion session.  Topical numbing medication and a Zimmer Chiller are provided for your comfort.

Deeper Peel – we can customize a deeper peel or combine the MLP with our other laser procedures (Broadband Light, BBL, ProFractional) to provide even better results.

What does the MicroLaser Peel treat?

  • Shallow wrinkles
  • Sun damaged skin including brown spots and other pigment irregularities

What areas of the body does the MicroLaser Peel treat?

  • Face and neck are two common areas, along with chest and hands.


How many treatments do I need?

  • We recommend starting with a single-treatment and then create a treatment plan for maintaining the results.

Can I combine MLP with other laser treatments?

  • Yes, we love combining the MLP with Broadband Light (BBL) or even ProFractional.

Is MicroLaser Peel painful?

  • The MLP is not a painful procedure and usually topical numbing cream and a Zimmer Chiller are all that you need to make it through the procedure. For a deeper peel, we sometimes utilize Pro-Nox.  Pro-Nox delivers a mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide.  This device is a 100% patient-controlled form of inhaled anesthesia.  Simply breathe deep and in seconds there will be immediate relief of pain and anxiety.  The Pro-Nox anesthesia leaves your body in just a few minutes after treatment.  You can continue your day immediately after treatment. Pro-Nox can be added on to any MLP to increase your comfort.

What is the recovery like after a MicroLaser Peel?

  • You should expect to have skin that will peel away over a few to several days along with some skin redness (erythema) and a sensation like a sunburn. There is the possibly of some swelling and this is considered a normal side effect of the treatment.

The recovery can be just a few days and has earned the nickname of the “weekend peel”.  So if you have the treatment on a Friday, usually you will feel comfortable enough to return to work on Monday.  If we utilize more aggressive settings the recovery would be a few more days.

It is vital to utilize sunscreen once you have recovered to help maintain your results, as well as avoid sun exposure during the recovery process.  A gentle cleanser and gentle moisturizer are all that is needed during the recovery phase of the MicroLaser Peel.

Our Red LightStim treatment can be added on to any MLP for 24 hours later. This will help accelerate the recovery time and reduce swelling.

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